No monthly bill / statement

Hi there,
I’m not being billed monthly at the moment, my last statement was actually from July. Please can you look into this as I’d like to be able to track my account balance and make changes accordingly.
We had smart meters installed last nov, and they are still not commissioned. I have no way of tracking my usage in a meaningful way to allow us to reduce our consumption.

Many Thanks

Hi @Lunastar, I’m looking into this for you, so I’m going to send you an email about this :mailbox:

I haven’t had a bill since feb 2019
Please could that be looked into

Hi @WalsallChris, welcome back to Community! :wave:

I’ve popped you an email as I can see the issue with your bills and want to make sure it gets resolved ASAP. Let me know there if you have any other questions.

Hi Lou,
Is there any update on this please?