No monthly bill

I spoke to someone over chat last week as I’ve not had a statement since April. Pleased can this be issued asap. I am in credit and do not want a dd to be taken which puts me further into credit with you


We’re a business customer and haven’t received a bill since November 21.
Apparently there was a fault on their system which prevented a statement from generating.
We have been in touch with the Ombudsman and it’s still not been resolved.

Please let me know if you speak to someone and how it was resolved.


Hey @Rose1 and welcome to the community :wave:

I have adjusted your account to a two-rate set up as per your recent meter exchange in March. You should receive your statements over the next few days but please let us know if not.

@sales are you able to email They will be able to assist and get your statements issued for you.

– Robyn :bulb:


I’ve still not received at statement and/or bill. This is getting daft. I’ve had nothing for 3 months. I’ve added my own readings as well and still nothing.


As I’ve said in another post, I haven’t had a statement for June. Customer Service said there was a problem with my account and strangely refunded my May bill so I’m now over £300 in credit. They said they had issued a consolidated statement but it only shows my payments for May and June and the refunded bill. I’ve no idea what’s going on.