No monthly online energy statements since April

Hi, I have just checked my account online and apparently I owe over £250 even though no energy statements are showing since April. What happened to May and June??? If I cannot see what energy I have used or been charged for how do I check? Seems very strange how one day you have a smart meter reading and the next day it is estimated, then a few days on it is a smart meter reading etc. My monthly payments was matching my monthly statement but for some unknown reason my usage has suddenly increased so much that I am now in arrears. Where are my energy statements?? Why are prices still increasing when fuel prices have decreased?? Why do Bulb never ever contact you if there are any problems with your account or with readings?? Do they actually want you to be in the situation where you own them a lot more than you can pay?
Bulb please sort this out before you have another disgruntled customer leave.

@Ian10 Thanks for getting in touch.

I’m sorry that you’ve not received your monthly statements for May and June. I can see this is due to a billing error on our system and have just emailed you with more information.

The £250 on your account is credit not debit. That credit has built up because we haven’t subtracted money for your usage for a couple of months but I’ll get this resolved shortly.