No more 2 MPANS on Economy 7

Just got this , which means if in E7 and you’ve been charged for 2 MPANS you will only be charged for 1 from now on.

Bulb have refunded me all the months I’ve been with them

Great news


Hi @davidpuri Thanks for sharing this. We’re glad we’ve been able to get some clarity on the correct billing process from Ofgem and of course credit our members for any historic overbilling.

My only question is what will you buy with the credit and any pending compensation?

Matthew, it’s only £36 pounds so no Lamborghini
I’ll leave it there for future bills.

Thanks anyway .

@davidpuri it might not be exactly what you meant. But I can confirm you can get a Lamborghini for £36 :racing_car:

However, future bills sounds like a much better plan than this 2 star car.


Oh this is great to know! I’ve literally just signed up to Bulb and also have two meters :grinning: I may start saving towards a Lamborghini :joy:


Hi @l-m-wilson

Welcome to Bulb, and welcome to the Bulb Community!

Make sure you put all that saved standing charge into the Lamborghini fund, every little helps after all.

We’re looking forward to having you onboard - was there anything in particular that made you want to switch to Bulb?

Haha I shall, and yes there were a few reasons why I switched to Bulb… Not to bad mouth any competitor but I had a terrible time with Scottish power, for no real reason. I still am confused why. I was recommended Bulb by a friend and also checked out Which? And it think you were in the top three with amazing customer service. All good points :ok_hand::grinning:

Hi @l-m-wilson

Sorry to hear you had a bad time with Scottish Power - looks like their loss is our gain :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m glad our customer service appealed to you, it’s something we pride ourselves on. I hope we can help you out with any questions you might have along the way.

Feel free to spread your own referral link and share the love, the more the merrier after all!

If we can ever help you out with anything do just let us know :bulb:

Cheers thanks and will do! :+1:

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Just got my June bill and have been charged 2 standing charges :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Hi @davidpuri

That doesn’t sound right, I’ll email you now and we can get this sorted out :+1:

I left Bulb ~6 months or so, but was charged 2 standing charges - one for each of my MPANs - for the duration of time that I was with you. What will this mean for former customers such as myself?

My meter has a day & night rate, I don’t have a clue what 2 MPANS is, anyone care to explain?

Hi @David22, welcome to our community, despite you no longer being a member, it’s great to have you here. :slightly_smiling_face:

We will be in touch with ex-members in due course, so please keep an eye out for an email from us in the near future.

Hi @nikez, welcome to our community :grinning:

Having related meters means that your house has two electricity supplies registered to it. This is usually so that there can be overlapping tariffs, with your heating wired to a special circuit that becomes active at various different times of the day and is charged at a different rate to other usage, even though it’s happening at the same time. This wouldn’t be possible with just one registered supply.

If you just have a day and night reading (regular Economy 7) then you will likely not have related meters.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

my flat uses electric storage heating throughout, as far as I’m aware Bulb is the only supplier since I switched?

Hi @nikez,

I have just gone over your account and you do not have related meters, so do not worry about paying 2 standing charges.

You only have one meter that controls all of the electric in your house. Your storage heaters should come on during your off-peak tariff on the meter (usually during the night). Can you confirm that they do this?

yes that’s how it works, they charge-up at night - everythings OK, thanks

Hi… Does anyone know what’s happening with the compensation on this one? I’m hoping it’s enough for a holiday :smile:

Hi @darr3nbrown, I’ve taken a look at your account and I can see that we credited your Bulb account with your standing charge refund on 28 May.

I’m not sure I would quite reach for the travel agent brochures, but it depends what kind of holiday you’re after I suppose! :palm_tree: