No news on WHD?

is there still no news on the WHD being payed out, seems weird as its a goverment handout or are Bulb hoping some of us will forget!**

Hi @srpayne.sp :raised_hands:

Everyone who is eligible will get the payments before the 31st March, which is the deadline appointed by Ofgem.

We will contact you via email if we need any additional information.

Mel :wave:

Back in September I recieved an email from bulb advising me to apply for whd a Bulb advisor told me that my wife and I qualified for whd and to apply when it was rolled out, when we applied in December we were told that we did not meet the criteria this would have been a payment of £140 we are both pensioners and my wife is disabled, I complained to Bulb who offered a £20 compensation payment for mis information I asked for more and they raised it to £30 and I was in no uncertain terms that it was there final offer

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