No power because Bulb didn't change the meter to credit

I took possession of my property 6 weeks ago. The previous occupant had PAYG with a different supplier.

The power went off, and so I contacted Bulb today. They told me he previous supplier had taken back the account, and weren’t allowing Bulb to change that. I was told to top up with the previous supplier until they could change the meter.

Turns out all of this was wrong, and on coming home tonight I can’t top up. A call to the old supplier - which the Bulb representative said they’d done - made it obvious they had no control over the account. I therefore can’t top up with them and get power back.

On inspecting the meter, it is still set to PAYG, and looks to have been all along. It just didn’t show up until now while I was using the remaining account credit and emergency credit. Is there any way to switch the meter to recognise that this is a credit account? Is there anyone that can help over the weekend, as Bulb don’t provide any other form of support until Monday? I tried topping up my account, but as my account is credit and direct debit, that’s not an option (and the account is in a lot of credit anyway).

Thanks for any help!

Hi David, I’m so sorry that you’ve had this issue. Please do give us a call today and speak to a colleague of mine about raising an emergency meter replacement- our number is 0300 30 30 635.