No power or gas

I have just switched to Bulb. Upon registering my new prepayment key, I lost all electric to my home. I have topped up on two occasions now but still no electric. I had an electrian out who said it was a problem with the meter. I cannot ring bulb as they are closed at weekends. Has anyone had similar problems who could advise what they did? I have 2 children so I need power. Waiting until tomorrow to speak to bulb is not really a good option for me.
Many Thanks

Info on covers how to start using the new key.

Are you getting any error messages:

Have you been able to activate the emergency credit?

The best suggestion if the above doesn’t work is following the bottom of and emailing

Bulb have previously mentioned on the forum that they were looking for 24 hour

I’m just another customer.

Thankyou for the information. My meter has accepted the credit I topped up but has not opened up the electric supply.
I have emailed bulb emergency already and messeged them on various social media.
Its hard to believe they do not have a 24hr emergancy helpline available.

My next door neighbour had a similar issue with their gas meter. The solution waste put the card in and press and hold a button until the power came back on when something was displayed on the meter. Maybe there is a similar solution?

Ok, That could be helpful. I will give that try. Have a play around again.
I have topped up twice and also turned everything off on the switch board and back on. I also tried my old key but that just brought up an error.
Thankyou again for your reply. If it works I will update on here. If not it looks like a hotel room tonight until I can contact Bulb tomorrow.

Were you able to resolve your problem? I have the exact same problem. After topping up my key over the weekend, it didn’t register on the meter. I’m now down to my last bit of emergency fund on the key and panic is starting to set in. I spoke with Bulb support this morning and they asked me to send a receipt of my purchase (which I don’t have because I paid in cash), and a picture of my meter. I’m waiting for them to get back to me, hopefully this morning. If anybody else has had this issue, please let me know how they resolved it. Thanks.

No, I still have no power. My emergency credit wouldnt work. Been nearly 48 hrs now with nothing. I have spoke to them also, had to send pictures of my meter display and am now awaiting a response. Been an absolute nightmare.

I’ve just spoken with them again this morning, and they said they would follow it up, then get back to me today. Still waiting.

Its pretty slack customer service. I have 2 young children at home. They have had to stay away due to this. I would have expected a quicker response. Been close to 3 hours and I have still not heard back from them. These situations should be priorities

3 hours is a long time. You would have thought they would have sent an engineer out by now to look at it.

I think you should take your children to a nearby hostel to take care of them. Or buy any power source.

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We stayed in a nearby hotel. Not really the point though. Had a new meter fitted so finally sorted. A 15/20 minute job that took 3 days to sort out.

@pj9green thank you for getting in touch here and by email. I apologise for the stress caused by the faulty electricity meter. I’ve written you a response myself to that email, I’ll do my best to offer our next best steps there.

Despite all the trouble I had at the weekend, Bulb have really done well to get me back up and running, gave positive answers and compensated me for the trouble. Great customer service and hopefully in the near future this will stretch to the weekend as well.
Thanks SJ