No referral payment 2 months after joining, no response from customer service

My switchover date was 24th December 2019 (single fuel pre-pay); I used a referral link so should have received the £50 payment via Transferwise by now. I’ve still had no contact from them or Bulb but worse still, when I raised the issue with Bulb customer services, got no reply. Not a good experience so far. Is anyone else still waiting after two months or should I give up and switch to Octopus?

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Resolved after referee contacted Bulb.

I don’t need any referral links thanks; matter is now resolved anyway.

Have you not read Bulbs Terms and Conditions?

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17.3.10. Unique links may not be posted or shared in reply to Bulb’s platforms, or Bulb profiles on other platforms. This includes but is not limited to the Bulb Community, and Bulb social media pages. This is to ensure that these platforms remain a place for their intended content and discussions.

apologies replied to the wrong post