No refund received (3 weeks now)

Hi Bulb,

I have requested a refund for 3 weeks now yet I have not received it.

I have reached out to you on 3 separate occasions:
1st September
7th September
11th September

On all 3 occasions, I was told the refund will be returned to my account by the end of the week. It has now been 3 weeks.

My Bulb member ID: removed

Are you able to provide an update on when I can realistically expect to receive my refund?

Kind regards,

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This is a customer forum seen by many I would remove your email address from your posting.

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Hi @atrinh :wave:

Sorry to hear that there was a delay in getting your refund issued. As @Allanr mentioned, this is a public forum so I’d recommend against posting any account details here. I’ve removed the email address from your post now.

It looks like you’ve had a response to this now, but if there’s anything else we can help with, please let us know.

Just an update, was told to send updated meter readings for a more accurate refund.

I have been told the reduced refund will be received within 5 days.

@atrinh Please do let us know if there are any further issues, we’re always happy to help :+1:

Another update, we have received the refund yesterday. Thank you for resolving that.