No refund still and the payment still estimated?

Why I still don’t have my refund and still charged 66 pounds as estimated amount?
It’s just really strange … more then 7 months with no results after mails, phone conversations and a promise to refund

Good afternoon @Neva,

Thanks for your post and i’m sorry to hear this issue has still not been resolved, seven months later.

I can see you spoke to my colleague Megan back in October and we were unable to process a refund due to the meter readings not being up to date. I’ve not requested a part refund for you of £500. Once we can confirm this has been returned to you, I will process an additional amount, if you would like me to go ahead?

Please could you send through another reading for this month and then we can discuss the additional refund.

– Daisy :bulb:

That’s the 7th month I am trying to sort it out .
I spoke to the representative and send numerous emails and texts .
I do not have a refund and I do not have recalculation of my monthly payment which is not representative to my spending .Still no refund and no response.
I was promised a phone call with proper explanation.


It’s time to be proactive. Ring bulb and ask for your DD to be changed to a blank mandate without a specific date and amount. When this is set up you will be asked to set up payment amount which you can ignore.

Bulb will then take your bill amounts from your credit and when you go into deficit they will take the amount owed within 14 days of date of bill.

In the unlikely event of a refusal to do this you can cancel your DD and set up a new one in due course - this would have no date of payment or amount and bulb would take money owed as above.