No Reply from Bulb Regarding Query or Complaint

I’m very frustrated with Bulb. I’m after a credit on my account as compensation from Cadent, but I only have half of it on my account.
I also want it paying to my bank account. I’ve sent multiple emails and raised a complaint and heard nothing. No one is answering the phone either!

Please can someone help me with this?

If you have received compensation from Cadent how are Bulb involved?

Cadent sent the money to Bulb. It was compensation for a gas outage in October.

I still haven’t received a reply from an email I sent Bulb on the 1st of December, and another a few weeks later so you could be waiting some time for a response.

You misunderstand. Cadent have sent the full £120 to Bulb, which they have confirmed in writing. Only £60 is showing on my Bulb Account as a credit.

It’s a joke! I’ve been emailing them since October!

My mistake I will withdraw the post