No reply from customer service

My account went hundreds of pounds to debt over night.

I want to move house now, I can’t take bulb with me (they won’t transfer the account, you need to start new one)
I have to pay £600 now and I question my statements.
There were days on my bills summary with 6 adjustments with a single day and very inconsistent numbers on them.

After contacting customer service to look into it I have berg asked to send pictures of meter readings - I did - and never heard back from them. Sent few more emails asking for reply without success.

Can someone please look into this?

Hi @szymek.szymczak

I am sorry that you have not yet had a reply, we aim to get back to members within 48 hours.

I will send you a private message to get your details so I can look into this.

We always bill you to your meter reads so it is important that these are submitted correctly.

We cannot transfer the account across to another property however you can sign the new property up on our website at

Same here, sent email regarding my account. I have now moved over to new supplier, noticed that my account credit was showing pending, with my account credit showing a minus, so great I thought refund on the move, then all of a sudden pending balance gone now back showing account credit. No answer from Bulb.

Get back to us within 48 hours? Is that a joke? It’s not a very funny one if so.

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She was dreaming then she woke up

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Note the word “aim”. 48 hours is aspirational… I bet it’d be interesting to see monthly statistics on how close they’re getting (publishing them would be a bold move).

Certainly beyond their ability to acheive

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I’d want to see that as well. I’m willing to bet it’d be close to zero. Some lofty aspirations indeed.

Certainly wouldn’t take long to peruse the acheivements column

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Hi @Timm,

I’m really sorry for the delay in response. I can see now that your account has been fully settled and refunded. Please let me know if you have any other questions.