No response from Bulb on messenger

I had a request from Scottish Power asking for a meter reading. As I switched to Bulb on 7th September and gave meter readings I checked with SP who advise that Bulb have not supplied these. I sent a message via Messenger on Facebook but I have not had a response. How do I rectify this? I am concerned that Scottish Power are going to take my full direct debit payment again this month.

Hey @jaycee56. Hmm… we are your supplier and this is shown on the National Database of meters…
It can take six weeks for your readings to reach your previous supplier and for them to issue a final bill.

We automatically send the electricity and gas readings on your switch date, and they are validated by an independent regulator as part of every energy switch. They are checked separately so they often reach the old supplier at different times.

The whole process shouldn’t take longer than 6 weeks under any circumstances, as dictated by Ofgem.

Other suppliers may not cancel your direct debit payments to them until they issue your final bill and refund you. If this a concern, I’d give them a quick call to cancel the Direct Debit.