No response from customer services

Hi there

I have switched following your 3rd price increase of the year. The regular monthly payment of £95 was taken 2 days before the switch completed (on an account which had a credit balance that should cover the final bill).

I contacted customer services by e-mail and got an automated reply that advised there was a 5 day turnaround, unfortunately I have had no reply.

Please would you respond to my e-mail and advise why the final readings are taking so long, and if nothing else, please return the regular payment you took for no good reason.

Many thanks.


This is basically a customer to customer forum and obviously only one of the Bulb team will be able to definitively answer your query.

The team do pop into the forum on a regular basis and possibly pick up your query, Perhaps a quicker method would be to telephone or chat with Bulb in the morning using the contact details in

When you switch it can take up to 6 weeks (normally it will be less that this) for your account to be closed and any refunds made. Further details at:

@Allanr Thanks again !!

@comicsloth Sorry about the slow reply time, we’re working as hard as we can to answer your queries.

As Allan said final bills can take up to 6 weeks to be generated. Your new supplier might’ve sent your readings but we may not have received them yet.