No response to e-mails


I am trying to find out whether the issues on my account have been resolved? I was told this would be done a week ago but had no response when I have sent follow up e-mails?

When will someone get back to me?

It seems I’m not alone. Shocking customer service.

Hi @Finty and @Emma_Jones ,

I’m sorry (as a fellow customer) to hear that you are experiencing delays with responses from Bulb: normally I’ve responses either the same day, or at the maximum a week - and if it took more than a couple of days, there was a £10 credit applied to my account.

I am aware that Bulb’s customer service is currently being strained due to the smart meter rollouts and problems it is causing (some of which is outside of Bulb’s control, but I do understand they are having some problems internally without) and, like you, I’m disappointed that the customer service isn’t currently what we are fellow customers want or up to the high standards Bulb would hope to offer (they used to answer all calls within around 10 seconds!).

It might be worth, if you’ve not had a response to a non-urgent email in a couple of days, to either reach out to them via telephone or live chat ( ) - it’s possible that matter you contacted them about has been passed to someone more experienced who is currently on holiday, or the person is waiting for confirmation from a third party and doesn’t really want to bother you with “I’m still waiting - there’s been no change” emails every other day, or the email may have got lost/gone-to-spam or something either to Bulb or from Bulb to you.

Following up via a ‘different channel’ can usually help prompt things moving one way or another - ticketing/help-desk systems do have a general tendency to ‘auto-group’ messages which can leave ‘chasing’ messages being lost :frowning: