No screen reading on external gas meter

The screen on my external gas meter is blank so I can’t give a manual reading . Bulb say this is nothing to do with them apparently down to previous supplier of people I bought the house off and their only resolution is to send someone to do a reading every three months , meanwhile the guesstimates by them are way over what I actually use and will tip me into debit . Has anyone had the same situation and how has it been resolved . Thank you .

How can they read a meter that isn’t working???

My gas meter is also not working but it was installed by Bulb. I have been told to just wait for the meter team to give me an appointment time and date. I’m guessing it will be no time soon. You could try asking bulb to replace the meter but I’ve seen other people on here asking for months but nothing seems to happen.

I’m thinking about ringing other suppliers so I can leave bulb for good.

I did ask but they said it wasn’t their responsibility and used a seemingly favourite word we are seeking a “ resolution” meanwhile you waste hours of your life listening to dreadful music . I have always sung bulbs praises but we will see .

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Well the deadline for the sale of bulb is fast approaching so hopefully we’ll all get a new supplier we can rely on.

I use to be a fan 3 years ago when I joined but no longer and since they went into “special administration” they just don’t care anymore.

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Hi @Sarahi :wave:

I have taken over your email thread with my colleague and have sent you out an email to get this fixed. Please get back to me there :email:


Jenny :star:

Thank you so much for picking this up .I have sent the requested email and photo back .

Yes, must be depressing for staff to be working for a failed energy company or any other company in the same situation.
That’s a free competition energy market for you.