No show for smart meter installation

Ok so I had a second appointment booked for a smart gas meter installation (already have electric fitted) and the engineer hasn’t shown up. The appointment has disappeared from my bulb app so therefore it hasn’t been rebooked either :disappointed: anyone know how I go about getting it booked in and someone actually showing up ? If it was me that wasn’t in when they came they would be quick enough to charge me for the appointment but yet can cancel on me no warning, text, rein check nothing

Hi @charmaine :wave:

I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had some issues with your meters being exchanged. When an engineer cancels on the day you should receive £30 compensation. This is automatically added to your Bulb account and should show up within 10 working days of the job.

I have sent you an email to get this re-booked in and I will add some specific job notes to prevent this from getting cancelled again. I do apologise about the issues you’ve had here.

Luke :bulb: