No sign of smart meter usage graphs after three weeks

How long does it take before I should start seeing usage graph data in the Bulb Android app? It’s been about three weeks since my smart electricity meter installation.

My IHD is working fine, and I have the frequency set to every 30 minutes for reading submissions back to Bulb.

When I look at the meter readings on the ‘Usage’ tab in the app, I can see two of type ‘Smart’ that the meter has obviously submitted on its own, but that’s it. One last week, one yesterday.

So does that mean it’s only made two submissions in three weeks? I’ve double-checked and I’m definitely set up to submit every 30 minutes.

Online help suggests you should start seeing graph data within just a couple of days.

EDIT: OK, so I can see daily usage if I log into my account on the Bulb website. So clearly the meter is working. It’s just the Android app that isn’t showing any usage graphs.

Nothing on my iOS App either after 4 weeks.

Hi @chris.walker76 :wave:

Thanks for raising this. I can see that we are getting these half-hourly readings through on your Bulb account, as you said, so these should also be coming through on your Bulb app. Can you confirm that the app is updated to the latest version?

Lou :stars:

Yes, latest version, in fact the app updated just yesterday.

My device is a OnePlus 7T running Android 10, if that’s relevant (or maybe not, considering there seem to be other people with the same problem).

I can see two entries in my meter reading history with a type of ‘Smart’, where the meter has obviously submitted on its own, but no sign of any graphs or usage data.

@Lou_at_Bulb, please can you also check my account. I am seeing same, blank usage screen in App on iOS, App version is on iOS. I also setup for reads every 30mins, and checked again today.

I see no graphs or usage data in App for Day, Week, Month, Year.
If I click Meter Readings, the last meter read was 17th Feb, which was my bill date.

As the Bulb App doesn’t work, I just tried an alternative App called Bright, installed, entered my postcode and GUID from the IHD, and getting the usage instantly, see here:

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Thanks for the info. Although, to be fair, these other apps are just pulling data via your IHD, so the IHD needs to be plugged in and active all the time for them to work.

Bulb’s app should be displaying data sent back to them directly from the meter, regardless of whether you have your IHD active or not.

But, given their app doesn’t work, it’s a decent alternative!

I just checked bulb website and for 1-9 Feb 9 days the usage is exactly same, £3.20.

The Bulb App says £0.00 for those days.

The Bright App doesn’t display cost, but it does display usage for those days, and it is different for every day, so the Bright App has managed to get the correct historical data data since meter was installed. Where as the Bulb website has just averaged it for some reason. And the Bulb App has just failed to get anything.

The Bulb website is correctly showing my daily usage - each day matches the daily cost history on my IHD, so that’s working OK.

I’m not even seeing a daily breakdown in the app, correct or otherwise. The layout of the usage page is exactly the same as it was before I had the smart meter. Nothing has changed. All I see is a list of meter readings and nothing else.

I don’t see how you can be receiving my meter readings every 30 minutes. I think all that happens is that when the meter does (occasionally) submit a reading, it just submits a backlog of all the daily readings since the last time it submitted, filling in the gaps of missing data.

For example, I only see evidence of one automatic submission on 23rd February (my first one) and another one on 1st March. There was no data on the website dashboard until 1st March, when the second submission happened and it submitted everything since 23rd February in one go. Then, suddenly, I now have a daily reading covering 23rd Feb - 1st March on the website dashboard.

When I log in again today, there’s no reading for yesterday (2nd March), and I suspect that gap will now continue until I see another reading of type ‘Smart’ in my list of readings.

Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s in-line with what I’m seeing, and probably explains why there’s no data in the app.

When is your statement date? Mine is 17th, and I see data up until the 17th, then there was a smart meter read, then no data since 17th on the website or in the Bulb App. The Bright App has all the data though, so the data is somewhere, it seems Bulb is having trouble accessing it with their App and website.

My statement date is around the end of the month - 28th, I think.

I reckon the data is inside your meter, and being sent to your IHD, but nowhere else - and not sent to Bulb. That’s why apps like Bright work, because you effectively authorise your IHD to share the data with third party services. Which is why your IHD has to be permanently plugged in, switched on and on wi-fi in order for these third-party services to receive the data.

I would double check you have your account set to submit every 30 minutes. I chose 30 minutes when it asked me during the installation booking process, but it wasn’t until a couple of weeks later, when I checked my account, that I found it had completely ignored my selection and set it to once a month. When I set it back to 30 minutes, I then started to get occasional automatic readings - the two that I’ve had so far, which I mentioned previously.

OK, I stand corrected. The Bulb website dashboard isn’t showing my correct daily usage. My last automatic reading was 1st March, and although I now have graph data on the website for 2nd and 3rd March, it’s just made up figures - the figures don’t match the actual cost from the daily history on my IHD. I guess it’s just some kind of arbitrary average figure they populate each day when they don’t have the real data. You can tell it’s made up because the figures for 2nd and 3rd March are exactly the same as one another.

So, as predicted, it’s only ‘back-filling’ and correcting my daily usage history on the website each time the meter decides to send in a reading. Which, at the moment, is less than once a week. It is NOT every 30 minutes.

Chris, my advise, don’t waste anymore time with the Bulb Website & Bulb App, they don’t work for historical usage. Install the Bright App (its way better than the Bulb App, eg you can compare previous usage) as linked above, just enter your postcode & GUID on bottom of your IHD. You will see all data for Gas & electric updated every 30 mins, all historical data, I assume from DCC. You wont see ‘live’ electric, that is only on your IHD.

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Yeah, agreed. I think I’ll give up on chasing this now. Life’s too short…!