No smart readings for electricity, only gas

I still have a smart meter issue which has been ongoing since March, in that I am not getting any electricity smart readings. Gas readings are fine.
I had been told in early April to wait a month as it takes the central organisation who look after smart meter readings this long to fix such problems. However the issue is still there a Month later.
Not the end of the world I know, but irksome nonetheless.

Hi @Wingfir,

I’ve sent you an email so I can get your details and then I can chase an update from our smart team for you.

Ours hasn’t collected ours Electricity readings since installation a YEAR ago. Have been referred but it’s never been sorted. VERY disappointed and need it to work correctly

Hi Noah.
I have responded to your email, but haven’t heard anything back.
Are there any updates.

Hi @Wingfir,

Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve spoken to the smart team and they’re going to reset your communication hub. I’m going to send you a new email with more info.

I have the same problem, I have phoned,emailed with no joy, my account says I have two years in credit, come on bulb

Same here, had our smart meter for a year and it still doesnt work despite numerous emails

Hi @ivenn and @juliegemmell30

Firstly, welcome both to the Bulb Community.

I’m sorry you’ve both had similar issues with your smart meters. I’ve emailed you both separately about the issues, if you could reply to me there that would be great.

Hi, we have the same issue with our meter. Spoke with someone last month about it. Carried out the guidance steps with no joy. Readings for electricity havent been taken by the smart meter since March. Is there a fix for this?

Hello @leeweenink

Thanks for joining the community.

Looks like we need to attempt a reboot of the comms hub above the electric meter, This has dropped off the network which has meant we have been unable to take reads. The process takes around 4-6 weeks but after its completed the reads should come through again.

We can get this requested today.


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I have had the “reboot” previously, but this did not work. Apparently there is a bug for which the smart meter manufacturer (landis gyr) needs to re-write the software, which will be downloaded automatically. I have asked bulb for the incident ticket for this so I can chase it up with the manufacturer however I’ve heard nothing, and still no readings since March. Very poor show.

We are still having the same issue of no electrical meter reading coming through on our smart meter. Please can you adivse what you plan to do next as the reboot has not worked.

Hey @leeweenink

So I checked the reboot and it was actually successfully done by the smart network operators, but it looks like we’re still having some trouble talking to your meters.

There are a few types of connectivity issues that reboots can’t fix yet. The network operators and meter manufacturers are working on solutions to these right now and will be rolling out fixes as soon as they’re ready. There’s nothing you need to do to get the fix, it will automatically be sent out do your devices and they will start communicating on their own.

In the meantime if you can continue to submit manual reads for the elec that would be great and help keep your bills accurate.

– H :bulb: