No statement 6 months after joining

I joined with Bulb in March 2021, have yet to receive a statement and my account is currently over £400 in credit.

I’ve been speaking with customer support but keep being told the matter is taking ‘a while to resolve’ whilst not being offered any kind of explanation. As far as i’m told, it’s something to do with my gas meter. Have been chasing customer support for a while and communications have ceased. Any idea how i can get this resolved?

Hey @EEJ and welcome to the community :wave: :partying_face:

As we are still waiting for information to come through to us from your previous supplier, this has caused there to be a pause on all of your statements since you joined. This has been chased a few times and I know that my colleague Tim is working on getting this information into the system as soon as possible for you.

I’m sorry that’s probably not the answer you wanted but there is nothing we can do until we have the meter information from your old supplier.

– Robyn :bulb:

Thanks for your response. What exactly is the issue though? If you’ve not had a response from my previous supplier for 6 months, would it be possible to have an engineer visit to look at the meter themselves?

It’s not ideal, i’ve no way to see if i’m over or under paying monthly which is especially concerning as we go into the colder months and i start putting heating on.

I completely understand @EEJ how frustrating this is.

Essentially your previous supplier haven’t sent us the necessary communication we need to set up the meter in our system. It’s not as easy as just adding it ourselves, we need all of these details so that there are no further issues.

I can assure you that Tim is on the case for you. I can see that you emailed him on Friday so he probably just hasn’t had time to respond to you yet but he will.

– Robyn :bulb: