No statement for months


I have an issue with my account and payments. I have had no statement since february, before that october, and monthly before that. My smart meter is sending reading now regularly. However, i am now £2600 in credit, as i have been credited what seems like all that i have paid/used in the last year.

I chat to someone online, and they said it was getting looked into, and they were recalculating my bill. This was a few weeks ago,.

I would like some clarity on what is happening, so i can budget properly every month. Prices are skyrocketing and i have no idea where i stand.

Please help!!

So an update, i have just recieved a statement, but it looks a bit dodgy. It seems i have been charged for too much energy, as i have switched from the numbers on the normal meter to the smart meter readings. I think the estimated value bulb has taken is incorrect by nearly 1900 units according to my calculations. So therefore i think i have paid for 1900 unites extra of electricity over the last year.

Please can someone help me, or give me a ring to sort this out.
I can give both the readings if needed (the one the smart meter is taking and the one i have been taking previously) and also it seems bulb have discarded all the readings i have taken through the last year, and are basing my energy on one estimated reading from july last year, to actual readings last month.

Hey @Rukaiya Thanks for your post :wave:

Sorry you were missing statements from us, we can see the team had sent a statement in what we call a consolidated statement.

A consolidated bill is the combination of multiple bills.

When we receive new information about your usage, such as meter readings or an updated move-in date, we recalculate past bills based on your actual usage. When this happens, we may make a bill that covers more than one month.

Most of the charges on the consolidated bill won’t be new, and any previous bills included with this one will have been credited back to your Bulb account.

Since then and based on your above message we can see some of the figures looked wrong so the billing team will look to send an updated statement soon. This statement should make a bit more sense and put you back in a more realistic credit.

They have to approve the bill. This should be within the next 7 days.

–Carl :bulb: