No Statement for over 2 months

I haven’t received a statement since 20 Nov, but my direct debits keep accruing in my account.
If I don’t receive a statement, I will stop my direct debits - very simple.
Contacted Support twice, no response. Useless.

You can download them from your account. R-

Thanks for your input, but I’m afraid that it’s not helpful.
Money accrues on my Bulb account from direct debits, but that’s it. No statement online, nothing to download, money sits there, nothing deducted from my energy consumption.

Not when they don’t exist, you can’t.

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Apologies - I’ll get my coat. R-


Same thing happened to us.

I haven’t received a statement from Oct - Dec.

I knew that had enough cash on my bulb account, so I changed lowered my monthly direct debit amount on my bulb account.

you will have to contact them by phone or webchat to get your account manually reset,

You keep saying snail mail when you mean email. Snail mail is the old fashioned post.

Ironically, given how long it often takes Bulb to reply to email, it would likely provide a quicker response if you did use snail mail since it would be forced to end up on someone’s desk rather than lost in an online system :rofl:


How useless… 2nd time it’s happened in 6 months. First time they answered my online enquiry, nothing this time… I shouldn’t be begging to pay.

I also doubt that anyone logged in to this online community uses snail mail!

How useless is Bulb, not you mate!

fixed now I have a dyslexic keyboard almost as old as me

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If you can’t take a joke shouldn’t have joined B***

Not a good idea… unless you want to spoil your credit rating. Just drop your direct debit to the minimum £5


Wouldn’t cancel your direct debit that is the one thing not to do because it will affect your credit rating, as someone has said just change your direct debit to £5 a month, if your 100% your over paying