No statement generated for May after smart meter installation

Hi there,

Just got the smart meter installed in May. Although the electricity is not shown on the IHD, I assume the meter reading is still automatically sent to Bulb. However, for the energy usage of May, I couldn’t see any reading in my account, let alone the statement for May. Can anyone please tell me what is happening?


They can’t read the meters, they’re lying to you and everyone on these boards. They have estimated my last 2 readings and told me to reset the IHD and put it nearer the meter. They don’t know how to make their smart meters work and the only thing you’ve achieved by allowing them to install a smart meter is condemning yourself to estimated readings.

That’s Bulb.IHD doesn’t work.meters don’t send readings, they’ve removed the option to submit meter readings.
Email them and all you get is a fob off reply, if you’re lucky and a link to reset your meters,which doesn’t work.

I am in exactly the same position.
When are we going to get some honest answers from Bulb. I am very disappointed and will have to consider changing suppliers if things do not improve soon.

Hi all - @Hua , @Kazsymonds , @Johno , @mkpete - I’m really sorry about the issues you’ve been experiencing with the smart meters. The smart meters can take some time to be commissioned and for us to get all the details we need to be able to talk to them - and we’re working as hard as we can to make this happen as quickly as possible.

I know it’s annoying that the ‘submit meter reading’ button has gone - if you’d like to read the smart meters yourself (see instructions below) and send in readings for this interim period, we’d be happy to input them for you.

Once the smart meters start sending us readings, your account balance will be fully updated in line with them.

Meanwhile, the best way to report IHD issues is in your Bulb account:


Landis and Gyr meters

For Electricity:

To find the correct reading from a SMETS2 electricity meter you need to find the display screen which says ‘Total Act Import’ and will be measured in kWh.
This is normally the default screen on the meter display but if not, using the ‘A’ button will cycle through the screens. There are lots of other readings the meter can measure so make sure that the label is the ‘Total Act Import’ and the unit is kWh not kVarh.

For Gas:
The display will often be asleep to preserve battery so holding the ‘A’ button for a few seconds will bring it to life.
The use the ‘A’ button to cycle through the screen to get to the Meter Index screen. The reading will be display like this: XXXXX.XXXm3. We only need the units before the decimal.

EDMI Meters (only electricity installed so far)

The default screen should show the import and export registers in kWh.

The meter’s menu can be accessed by pressing the ‘OK’ button and the screen which appears should be the import reading in kWh.

I had smart meters installed so I don’t have to submit meter readings.
So it’s been an utter waste of time having them fitted hasn’t it?
When are Bulb going to finally admit that the roll out has been a total fiasco?

From what I’ve read online it isn’t just bulb that are having problems other suppliers are

I am in the same position 2 months after fitting it still doesn’t show electric usage - will Bulb compensate me for the precious day of annual leave wasted on getting the Smart Meter fitted?

@“AliceJ at Bulb” My smart meters were installed over three months ago and it’s now evident that you haven’t been receiving meter readings in all that time.

According to my account, you have been using estimated readings for electricity and I’ve used no gas at all. The net result is that I now have a significant apparent credit balance and your systems are suggesting that I reduce my monthly payment!

It’s evident that others are in much the same position. It may be that the commissioning problems with these meters are not directly within your control but I strongly suggest that you make a full statement about the matter with a realistic idea of when they might be fixed.

I was very happy with the service from Bulb prior to the switch but that loyalty will not last forever. Sooner or later you are going to start losing business over this.

I have to say I could have written this post myself, word for word. No statements in the three months since smart meters were installed, and customer service have gone AWOL. I too understand that this must be a very complicated time for Bulb, but I’m fast running out of love for a company I was 100% behind a year ago. Please put this right, and soon.


The good news is that I have received an email from Bulb today acknowledging the problem and stating an intention to read my smart meters on a daily basis in future, which they believe will provide a solution. I certainly hope so.

I too have received an email saying that they will read my meter on a daily basis but I am still receiving an estimated bill. I wish I listened to my son who is an electrician who had advised me not to have a smart meter installed as it was a waste of time.

My bills are now cumulative after smart meter fitted

I too was told daily readings would sort the problem I have had since fitting in February. It still hasn’t!!!

I am now getting fed up with feeble excuses from the helpline that is clueless in that they don’t or can’t explain the problem. There is no technical expertise at the company as to why the smart meters aren’t working. There appears to be no managers and they refuse to transfer you to someone in authority…

They have offered £10 credit for the problem. They are doing daily readings maybe I should demand daily £10 credits until it’s sorted!!!

They have offered £10 credit for the problem. They are doing daily readings maybe I should demand daily £10 credits until it’s sorted!!!

It seems like a massive problem, they cannot read my meters either… Clearly they have not tested their systems,

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