No statement or bills


I have been paying my direct debit for a few months now but have not yet recieved any statements or bills. I recently uploaded meter reading onto my account but this doesn’t appear to have made any difference. I’d quite like to make sure my payments are covering my useage but at the moment my balance is in credit (total is roughly the total payments i have made to date). How can I request an up to date statement?

Hi,same thing with me today I received a bill for june-July. I messaged them about it and now a bill from June -Dec has been giving to me :slight_smile:

Same. No statements generated for 4 months. My balance just shows a credit amount for the 4 payments I have made since joining.

The only statement they’ve gave me was one for £9.94 in Sept which they then reversed in December…??

Give us an answer bulb!

Hi @Calum1990 Your bills haven’t been sent as we’ve not received your opening read through from the 3rd party team that generate your switch estimated read. I have chased this information through and once I receive a response, we will put together your statement for you. Very sorry for the delay.

@robert7252 It looks like you called in about 30 mins ago! Damn! It’s all sorted for you now though I see. Sorry for the delay on that too!

I am on the same situation, I have submitted gas readings but they aren’t registering but my electricity ones are. Last statement I had was in October.

@WalsallChris We are looking to the issue regarding your readings and will get back to you as soon as we have a solution. The readings are the reason for why we cannot currently issue a bill.

@“Rob at Bulb” hi rob, still no updates on my account. Have you heard anything yet?

@Calum1990 Good news! Received the opening read through and I’ve sent you your statement now.


Still no statement for me and I am now almost £1000 in credit.

Hi! I’m also in the same position, paying each month with no idea if my payments are covering my usage. Would it be possible to have a bill

How long have you been a customer?