No statement received from Sept 2020 & Bulb not taken payments

Hi all,
I have attempted to resolve this issue a few times over the months but had no luck and can not get through on the phone either to try and get sorted???

My account is based on smart meters Gas & Electric, I submit readings manually every month and looking on the app my manual readings and smart readings are logged.

My account has a monthly direct debit being paid all is good so far, however my account stopped receiving statements from Sept 2020 and therefore Bulb have not taken any payments and my account is in credit a fair amount.

I am trying to get Bulb to take there payments so as I do not get a shocks if I should owe more or less but this seems to be hard to sort out.

Any help or advice welcome as I have tried everything contact method the site has advised.


Hey @Leec76,

Welcome to Community! :wave:

I’m sorry that you’re having these issues. I can see the problem, and I’ve sent you an email now to get that resolved. Please get back to me there when you can.

All the best,