No Statement since February.

Hi there,

I’ve not had a statement since February. I’ve emailed the support team once or twice, but I’ve still not had a reply. Can someone please recommend, how they managed to get through to Bulb and get their statements sorted? We’ve had a smart meter fitted, which I know creates problems, but we’ve not had a statement since then and the Smart meter is now feeding into our account, with readings.


I am in the same position, after having had new meters fitted at the end of May. I sent an email which did actually result in the Smart Readings appearing in My Usage, but these have not fed through to the Payments and Statements. I would have thought that Ofgem would be monitoring a company that cannot even produce a bill.

I have the same issue - smart meter fitted in April 2019, no statement since March 2019

Same here. Also the meter readings when the meter was installed seem really strange. They assured me they were all okay, but to be honest I just don’t trust them.

I had my smart meter installed in august and my last statement was in july. It hasn’t even submitted a reading since it was installed and I don’t have the option to submit a reading myself either.

We moved over to Bulb in April from SSE.

Initially we had to submit meter readings as our Gen1 smart meter could not send readings. However, this was later found to be incorrect as our specific smart meter model was included in the DCC migration.

Bulb found they were able to get readings from our meter and we moved over to Bulb’s Smart Tariff (three separate unit rates).

This was completed shortly before August and we can see our daily electricity usage on the Bulb Website as well as daily gas meter readings.

However, we’ve not received a statement since August. Should have received both Aug and Sept by now.

At least in my case Bulb are 100% receiving our smart meter readings. Yet, they are not generating statements, and our account keeps increasing in credit.

Worse yet they won’t reply to the multiple emails and I waited in the phone queue for over 25min before giving up will try again this week.

Same problem here no statement since March (smart meter fitted April) now over £600 in credit. Phoned them every month and each time they promise to give me an updated statement but as yet nothing. Last time I was on the phone over 40 mins, no in house display, no statements, come on Bulb sort it out!