No statement since May 2019, and nearly £600 in credit

Logged into my account for the first time in a while to see I have not had a statement since May 2019 and that my monthly payments to Bulb have accrued plus numbers on my account to the tune of nearly £600.

Obviously without a statement I don’t know if this has covered my usage or not. I’m worried that they owe us money, or worse we own them money.

Strangely my account told me I’m overpaying and suggested lowering my monthly payment but how does it really know if I’ve not had a statement in over 9 months? seems like you need an account reset.

Have you submitted meter readings at any time over the last 9 months? If not, this shouldn’t have prevented you from getting statements since Bulb would have used estimates each month, but the statements in any case wouldn’t have been informative.

The only thing you can do is contact Bulb using the link my marsupial friend gave above.

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Don’t need to as I have a smart meter and I can see readings have been taken every month.

Will try the account reset though

Ah ok, my automatic assumption was that if you had a smart meter it wouldn’t have been working anyway.

Well, the advice is the same, you’ll need to contact Bulb. Billing seems to be broken for a lot of people right now. I’m on the smart tariff and the last two months statements are still missing.

Ha well our meters do seem to work but the user panel thing defo doesn’t - I’ve dropped them an email and hopefully will get a response. Their telephone / chat hours are rather inconvenient

Their telephone / chat hours are rather inconvenient
I can assure you that holding ones breath waiting for a response to an email is a damn sight more inconvenient