No Statement since October

I’ve not received any kind of statement since October and wondering why? My account balance is healthy so not worried that way but I’m confused as to why I’ve had nothing statement wise…

Have you checked your spam filters?

Yeah but there’s nothing in my spam folder etc.

You should be able to access your account and get a statement online.

Thanks for that. When I access my account that way the last statement available is October.

If Bulb dont answer on this forum then I would email them.

Yeah I think you’re right. Something has clearly gone wrong!

Hi @lynseyg sorry for taking a while to get back to you. The reason that you haven’t received a statement in a while is because we were disputing the opening reading for your gas account with SSE. I have just called SSE and they have responded now, so I have been able to generate a statement for you for the period 15 August to 30 November, which has been emailed to you now. We didn’t send you statements previously, as we knew that there would be a mistake in it, and we did not want to send out something that we knew to be incorrect. Now this dispute is over, you will receive monthly statements. Owen

Ah! Now that makes sense. Just gotten your email with up to date statements. Thank you for resolving so quickly :slight_smile: