No statements and IHD not displaying electricity usage

August Electric smart meter installed.
September Gas smart meter installed
IHD has never displayed data from electric meter
IHD has displayed gas data since gas meter installed.
Account has August statement (I supplied gas reading manually).
No further statements have been created.
Account shows old electric meter final reading and new meter opening reading.
Account does not have old gas meter final reading or new meter opening reading.
Account does show daily energy usage. So appears meters are supplying data.
Suspect if account gets old gas meter final reading statements will start to be produced.
Problems reported (via ‘chat’) already. No response to two update requests to Chat Agent.
Problems reported via ‘help’ email. No response todate (3 weeks).
This is now the third method I’m using to request to help to resolve the problem.

NOTE: The ‘chat’ agents always try to be helpful but don’t seem to be able to get anything done.

Hi @dcumbrian, welcome to Community! :wave:

I’ve just taken a look at your account, and it seems like there is an issue with the way we have your gas meter exchange listed. I’ve sent you an email requesting some more information so we can get this rectified ASAP!

Just want to place on record my appreciation for the help provided by Georgie in resolving the issues I raised above. My account is looking good now, the IHD is showing both gas and electric usage. Even the App is showing info.
Reading the community pages Bulb support gets a fair bit of criticism. This is the first time I’ve had to use it and Georgie has been excellent in giving updates and explaining what is being done.