No Statements / Bills

We have been with Bulb since July and we are still awaiting our first statement / bill despite submitting numerous meter readings. In that time we’ve now built up a lot of credit and would like to know how much we are actually using. Please can this be looked into. Thanks

I wonder if you are in the same situation as another customer who posed a similar sort of query a couple of days ago: please see

Hi there @AbbieRad thanks for getting in touch. It looks like the issue in your case is that we 're missing a fair few technical bits and pieces about your gas meter. When we take over your gas meter we get sent some details about your meter, including what units it measures in, it’s serial number, things like that. In your case, it looks like the details of your meter were never actually put up on the database we get that info from, so we’re struggling to produce a bill for you. We’ve chased up some of the details with your previous supplier, but it might help speed things up if you were to send a photo of your gas meter, showing all the things printed on the front of the meter, along with the yellow sticker which should be on or near the meter (left by the engineer who installed it) over to