No statements since May 2020

Can someone please help I’ve not had any statements since May 2020.
When I look at my usage on the app it just shows a huge credit.

Hi @S5eve

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Sorry to hear that you haven’t had a statement from us, from looking into the account it looks like we need to double check a few of your meter details and make sure they align with what we have on the account.

I’ve sent you an email, please reply and we’ll investigate from there!

Freya @ Bulb :bulb:

Not sure how long this takes but still I have no statements since May 2020

If you have them, I would estimate your bills using the reads you have supplied (so you are paying about the right amount) then should a bill not appear by May 2021 (not a given that you will ever get a bill without asking in my experience) ask Bulb with whether back-billing rules apply and if they would like to write it off.

I’ve still not had any statements since May last year.

I have done everything you asked me to do I sent pictures of my meter.

Surely this doesn’t take this long to sort out.

Hey @S5eve,

Sorry for the delay. I’ve taken a look at your account and sorted the issue for you now and sent you out a consolidated bill - we’ll pop you an email now with a complaint raised for the delay so look out for that soon!

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Keep a close eye on the unit cost used on the consolidated bill - last time I had one they cancelled all my historic bills. They had no idea what unit cost to use over the period so charged every unit at the most recent rate which was also the highest rate over the billing period so I was suddenly in debt against bills I had already paid…

Hi @mojosdad, if a consolidated statement is issued across a period when prices have changed, each time period is still charged at the respective prices. This means on your ‘Electricity/Gas in Detail’ page, you’ll see multiple different rates in the left-hand column, and then a box titled ‘We’ve had some price changes!’ detailing when these prices changes occurred in the right-hand column. This means that your usage still will only be charged at the tariff price that the time when the energy was used.

Go on, I’ll bite.

I know what the bill said and I’m fed up of Bulb telling us we are wrong every time someone points out a mistake.

The bill I got did tell me unit prices had changed on several dates but didn’t tell me those prices.
But since it changed my readings such that it appeared I hadn’t used any units for 18months those changes were not relevant.

You then presented one unit cost across the entire bill which wasn’t quoted anywhere but looked very much like the last unit cost; since the total of the consolidated bill didn’t match the totals of the other bills it can’t have been using the right details can it?

I can post a picture of the rubbish you sent me if you like but I would have to work out which of the many bills I got that it appeared in. Why you just can’t accept your billing is broken is mystifying…