No statements since smart meter install

I had a smart meter installed in October and didn’t receive my statement on 1st November as usual. I still haven’t had a statement over 3 weeks later. Is this normal after a smart meter installation? When can I expect my next statement?

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Hi @andyb1712 :wave:

Looking at your account, it appears that the exchange reads weren’t input into the system which has held up your statement this month.

In order to fix this, I have needed to remove all readings from our system and re-enter these which has generated all of your statements as one consolidated statement. As this spans over 12 months I do need my operations team to approve this which typically takes 2 weeks. During this time your account will not be accurate.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this process.

– Robyn :bulb:

Hi Robyn

Thanks for the reply. I think the meter installer left a green card with the meter readings from my old meter. I assume these are the readings that never got submitted?

I think this card is still sat on top of my new meter. Is there any way I can submit these last readings so my bills are calculated accurately?