No statements

Hi Bulb, Please can you update my account and put the statements for June and July. My account is looking healthier with out it mind :slight_smile:

Hi Bulb, put my readings in as normal, but no statement showing on my account for this month, could you sort please

Nope not done it or replied. Wonder if it is time to move if Bulb is a sinking ship.

You both need to contact Bulb directly. This is a public forum for customers, and us fellow customers can’t do anything.

Out of interest, what makes you believe this forum is a service desk? While Bulb staff do post here, you’ll get a better response using the actual dedicated customer service channels. I mean to make matters worse you’ve even posted in the “About Bulb” category rather than the “Help & Support” category which would have given you the best chance of a response.

I asked exactly the same question 10 days ago via the support channel, I’m still waiting for a reply, so don’t hold your breath.

Hooloovoo, i believe I am posting on the help and support forum and thought it was the only way when I searched.
I noticed many were getting replies for different things from BULB staff on here, so just trying my luck.
I see there is a more direct email contact so will try that.