No statment since swapping to smart meters

Hi just wondering if anyone has had a problem with no statements since swapping to smart meters, we swapped on October 4th, made two payments up to now with a third due in a few days, my credit balance is going up as no payments being taken so no idea where i am at at the minute as readings on the display are all over the place

I experienced the same. After 4 months I realised it was not going to get fixed and I sent an email to support. Then it got sorted. I suggest you do the same and don’t just leave it.

Thanks for your reply just rang and they say they really busy so pressed the option to get a call back, next step will be customer service STRONG email

Same here. Switched to a smart meter on 2 September, gas seems to be registering but not electricity, direct debit payment going out, but no fuel being billed, so I’m currently £450 in credit. Rang about a month ago, and they didn’t seem bothered. Can’t be arsed to ring them again.

I have had no issues with Bulb in 2 years and I don’t have a smart meter.
However if it were me and Bulb cant send a Bill for usage I would reduce my direct debit to match their lack of Bills so I would reduce my direct debit to £5 per month until they get their act together. (can be done online)

Just make sure you have the funds to match their Bill when they do a catch up.