No usage chart

Tonight the usage table took 49 secs to load, and even after all these months I’m still getting the message “We need a couple months data to draw up your usage chart.” Am I wearing the wrong aftershave?

Hi Will, this is a bug that we’ve become aware of very recently and is currently being fixed.

The usage chart needs your active tariff to have to be active for the full period that it’s plotting in advance, so 6 months. Because your fixed tariff ends on the 2nd of Feb, it’s missing some data, so the chart instead thinks it doesn’t have enough historical data to calculate your usage.

We’re working on getting this fixed at the moment. I’ve checked with our developers and they’re actively working on it right now, so it will (hopefully) be fixed soon.

All the best,


Hi @willmow we’ve fixed this now, so you should be able to see your usage chart in MyBulb. How’s that for a fast turn around? :slight_smile:

Hurrah, my usage chart is up and running. Thanks guys. Now I’m a bit more incentivised to religiously read the ******* meters every month. (Note to self: ask Father Christmas for a smart meter. Damn, does that mean I have to be good from now, though?)


Hmm well you should be good anyway. You don’t want to be on Santa’s naughty list or you’ll be given coal… and no one wants that!

Well, I do have a Victorian coal hole in my cellar (1889 vintage). Can’t use it for anything (sacks of eco-friendly sun, wind and rain being hard to obtain…).

My parents’ house had one when I was growing up. They used it for storing noisy children in. We loved it, it was pretty clean, if you ignore the mess that we made.

Sounds like a Roald Dahl storyline…