No usage on app since 15th December

Hi, like some others here my app stopped reporting gas and electricity usage after the upgrade to the system on the 15th Dec. It’s now the 23rd and there’s still no usage being recorded in the app. My IHD shows “live” usage but has no history. It’s making it really difficult to manage my energy usage, it’s amazing how much I’ve come to rely on the app for keeping tabs on how much gas/elec I’m using…
Can someone look at this for me please?

Hi @RobP - welcome back to community :wave:

Unfortunately at the moment there’s an error on usage graphs for SMETS1 secure smart meters that have recently been enrolled onto the smart network. It’s something our smart team are working on and are hoping to get fixed in the next few weeks.

Thanks for your patience with this.

– Meg :bulb:

Hi Meg, does that mean that you still have usage figures, they just don’t show up on the app/website?
It would be really handy to know what my usage has been this month so I can budget properly. The electricity is easy enough to work out but the gas is a bit trickier (working out kwhrs from volume).
Thanks for your help,

Hi @RobP,

We get the readings through but not the breakdown of usage like you would on the usage graphs.

When trying to work out your gas usage there are some great m3 to kwh calculators that you can use online. Just make sure you have it set to metric. You can then enter the m3 used and it will convert it to kwh for you to work out the cost.

– Katie :bulb: