No usage on IHD or website

I’ve not had any usage recorded on the website/app since mid Jan and IHD is stuck in a reboot cycle for the same amount of time. I’ve submitted the broken IHD request from the front page of the website twice now but nothing has helped.

What should I do next? I suspect Bulb won’t be receiving info from my meter at all currently so I’m not hopeful my next bill will be good.

Hey @vinnym70 - thanks for the post.

I can see we’re still receiving smart readings which is great, but if your IHD is constantly restarting it suggests theres an issue with the communications hub that talks to the IHD. I’ve requested we reboot that now, and this takes around 4-6 weeks but should then hopefully get your info back on your IHD!


Hello GeorgieS - thanks for the reply.

I received my bill, dated 17th Jan today (statement 80966466) and it’s estimated.

I believed from the above comment that you were still receiving smart readings?