No Usage Updates for November?

Been looking at my account overview for “My Usage” noted that there is very quick “Splash Screen” that appears and says we don’t have enough data to view usage. Given all my meter readings are up to date and previous months have been recorded - that would suggest “Bulb” have a problem.

Has anyone else got the same problem?

Thanks Mark

Mine displays up to October but November is missing.

Hi @Sooty I’ve had a quick pop onto your mybulb account and it looks like the bar is now present for November, is it the December one you’re asking about? I suspect that won’t appear until after the end of December. @xxx yours should appear soon for November, I’ll keep an eye on it for you over the next few days

@Sooty @“David at Bulb” It depends when you submit your readings. The graph won’t update for November until you submit a reading in December. I submitted readings for my December bill on 30 November, hence November’s not showing in the usage chart yet.

I’d forgotten that this happened - seems more logical for a December invoice to update the chart for November rather than the actual date of the readings.

@thirstforwine your post made me remember this . Until then I was thinking that you must have the magic touch when it came to usage charts. How disappointing to know otherwise.

ah! interesting - thanks so much @xxx - I actually did the same. My normal bill is the 23rd. It was based on an estimate so I corrected it with actual readings on the 24th but it never updated, so when I added a reading BEFORE the 23rd of December, it actually updated my November graph. Interesting!