No warm home discount

has any one had the same problem as me whereby bulb have not applied the warm home grant to their account , i am in the core group as i am on pension credit and was told they would apply to my account by 31st march which they havent done. i have been in touch with bulb and have been fobbed off with different excuses .

Yes, this has happened to me too, they told me weeks ago i would get the wsrm home discount, and it would be paid by the 31st march. Yet no payment

did you get in touch with anyone about this and any joy ?

Yes, just a few days nefore the end of march and was told i was in the core group, and it would be in my account, by the 31st march.
Probably just a bit busy on tje 1st april (increasing the unit price from 21 pence to 27 pence) it would appear they just tell you anything

i have spoken to them on the phone and i have sent them 2 emails and am awaiting a reply to emails, if i dont get a suitable response i will be putting an official complaint in either to ofgem or responder…

I have been told that I will be getting my warm discount payment as well and nothing.I have rang them and all I get is “ we will send you a email letting you know when you will get your payment “ I still waiting for this email!! A joke that’s what this is !!!