no welcome pack. No ackowledgement

I signed up with you yesterday afternoon (28/8/18) I gave my bank details and followed the procedure until the end, when there was a screen with a house and a message stating that Bulb would be my supplier as of the 18th 0f September.

I have had no email to acknowledge and I cannot sign in to your site. Also, I cannot email your help.

I would suspect, since you had no email acknowledgement and can’t log in with your email, you may have mistyped your email address.

What problem do you have when you try emailing ( ). If email is posing an issue, you can try calling them on 0300 30 30 635 or use the ‘Live chat’ on the bottom right of most pages (such as - however, it may not appear if you have certain adblockers/privacy extensions installed).

@abels87 Did you switch to us by a switching site? Sometimes it can take a few days for this information to get through to us.