Non existent customer service

We had a smart meter fitted by bulb back in October 2019 and since then have not received a statement of our account.
After numerous emails I’ve still to receive any response.
Now my February payment hasn’t been taken.
I am on the verge of changing suppliers as I have never experienced such poor customer service.

I am having some of the same problems - joined in December, finding it impossible to get a bill.

The Customer Service staff are very pleasant, but their statements/reasons why I am not getting a bill contradict what I was sent in emails when I joined. This started when I put my readings into the online meter reading screen, but no Electricity showed - I rang to check why I had no Electricity readings on my online account, and while I was on, I asked when I could expect to receive a bill.

I was told by the Customer Service Agent that they were waiting for a final reading from my previous supplier, and she would contact Bulb Operations staff to chase that up - I received an email confirming this soon after.

I remembered that I had been asked for first readings from Bulb, and when I checked my emails, I confirmed this, and the emails also stated that Bulb would use these readings to send to an independent company that checks them, who would then send them to my old supplier to enable the old supplier to produce a final bill.

I rang my old supplier, and they said they hadn’t received anything yet, so I rang Bulb back, and they said “We’ll look into this”. A day later, I received another email, saying they were still awaiting a final reading from my previous supplier - at this point, I put together a reply email, and sent it to them (please see below).

" Dear *****

Unfortunately, you have just repeated what you said in your previous email, and as I discussed with your colleague yesterday, it is a requirement upon Bulb to send my “Start” readings to npower to enable them to produce my final bill, not upon npower to send you (Bulb) my final readings, so you don’t need final reads from npower, and your operations team chasing up npower would be pointless.

From the final npower email to me when I closed my account -

" First of all, we’d like to say thanks for being an npower customer and we’re sorry to see you go.

The next thing we’ll send you is a final bill. When your new supplier is ready to switch your supply over, they’ll ask you for a meter reading and they’ll send us a copy. We’ll use this meter reading to calculate your final bill . "

As you can see from the email extracts below from Bulb, your company states that Bulb will send my Start readings to npower to enable them to produce my final bill.

Bulb asked me (by email) on the 16/12/2019 {20:21) for my first meter readings, which I supplied using the online system ( for reference, this was 2041 for the Electricity, and 484 for the Gas ).

Hi Hugh,
Could you put your first meter reading into your Bulb Account? Even if you have a smart meter.
We need it within the next 10 days. If you’re away, we’ll use an estimated meter reading.

I received a confirmation email at 08:27 17/12/2019 that you had received the Gas reading (but no email for the Electricity) - it stated -

" Hi Hugh,
We’ll send them to the independent company that checks meter readings right away.
They’ll send them over to your old supplier who’ll create your final bill within six weeks. We’ll email you when they let us know your old supplier has them."

I then received an email from Bulb at 07:54 on 22/12/2019, which stated -

You’ll get your final bill within 6 weeks once your old supplier has your meter readings. We’ll send your readings to the regulator now to check, and then we’ll email you in a couple of weeks once they’ve sent them on to your old supplier.

You can now change your payment date and amount

Now you’ve made your first payment, you can head to your Bulb Account and change when we take payments if you’d like.

We’ll send everything to your old supplier

If you’ve entered a meter reading in your Bulb Account, we’ll send you a confirmation email in a couple of weeks when your old supplier has received them."

I never received this confirmation email from Bulb.

Bulb appears to have major challenges with its on-boarding of new customers process, as -

a) the “start” electricity reading didn’t appear to have been uploaded from your online system to your usage/billing system
b) the “start” reading appears as “Estimated” rather than “Customer”
c) no exception process appears to have occurred when my Electricity reading isn’t on your system
d) the Electricity reading I supplied using your online system on the 24/02/2020 appear to have disappeared (only the gas appears), and again, no exception process has occurred

e) I have had to instigate this conversation after two months, as it appears there is no audit process to check if a new customer has on-boarded properly/completely
f) there is confusion amongst Bulb’s Customer Service staff, who state (repeatedly) that it is the previous supplier’s responsibility to supply the final readings, when in fact the emails sent from Bulb to the customer state that it is Bulb’s responsibility (after receiving Start readings from the customer) to submit these readings to the regulator, and then to the previous supplier, to enable them to produce a final bill.

Could you please let me know how, and when, this is going to be resolved? If I don’t hear back by the end of this week, I unfortunately will have to resort to an official complaint - I would rather not do this, but we appear to be going round in circles.



Email the CEO for bulb: this is how I sorted out my smart meter issues. I don’t bother with customer service with any company anymore. I email the big boss and then things get sorted out properly by someone not reading from a script.

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