Non FiT excess pv solar - chargeable?

How does Bulb deal with surplus energy generated from a domestic pv solar array?

As an example, household uses 15kWh in a 24hr period, pre solar install this all comes from the grid, is metered and charged for at applicable tariffs (incl E7) - no problem.

Then a modest pv array is installed, non-FiT, same overall domestic consumption, but let’s say 5kWh pv self generated, with 2kWh of this displacing grid supply. So now we have 13kWh being grid supplied, no problem with it being metered and charged for…

…but how is the 3kWh of pv self generated power treated?

As this is a non FiT installation, there is no expectation for any payment for the 3kWh exported back into the grid, but if the digital (non-smart) meter registers the 3kWh irrespective of it being imported or exported to the grid (yes they do exist) so when it comes to meter reading time Bulb charges for 16kWh, even though only 13kWh was actually supplied?

The obvious solution is to ensure that all excess pv generated power is self consumed, but I just wanted to obtain confirmation of how this situation would be dealt with?

Fitting a new smart meter would also avoid the issue, but if it was not possible to fit a smart meter…what is Bulb’s stance?

@Edward_S Without FiT, the extra 3 kWh would just go back into the grid and you would not be paid for it. Having solar panels will reduce your grid consumption, but excess will not be accounted for.

If you are interested, we can register you to be part of the FiT and then you can get paid for this additional amount. Just let us know.

Additionally, your meter should not be going backwards with solar panels installed, if they are, please let us know and we can replace it free of charge.

As per my comment, this is a digital meter, only (some) of the analogue meters ran backwards.

Bulb should be aware that digital meters fitted pre 1985 generally counted both imported AND exported current. Indeed some digital meters post 1985 also record without diferentiation the inflow and outflow.

So, my question remains, how do Bulb deal with this issue?

@Edward_S If a meter is ever moving backwards we consider this faulty and will replace for free.

If any generation is not consumed it would flow back to the grid- unregistered by the import meter.