Non mains gas help

We have just moved into a new build with gas and electric, however- we cannot change the gas supplier due to it not being mains gas.

My question is, when we switch and get the quote online do I tick the “electric only” option? Wouldn’t this estimate our monthly useage as more thinking we only have electric?

Does the monthly amount get amended after so long?

@KellyAnneBell15, you’ve pretty much said it already. When you select ‘electric only’, the estimate does not include gas and we assume your gas supply is with another provider. The monthly payment can be adjusted once you’ve submitted a few meter readings and we get a feel for your annual consumption being lower than the estimate. You’ll actually be able to adjust this yourself in your MyBulb account. Also, your first bill will be based on previous consumption patterns at your property and the most recent meter reads - so if your house is all-electric, this would be taken into account then