Non-referral reward

Any further news on this? I was considering joining Bulb, but I don’t fancy using a random (and unapproved?) link from Trustpilot or Twitter but I just know you will introduce the promised scheme the day after I join!

Nothing yet.

There’s always the cashback websites. E.g. Quidco

Hi @JamesD

We haven’t got any plans for that kind of thing at the moment, if you’re not happy using those links I’d recommend asking friends on your own social media, if you use that, or people you know. We supply nearly 2% of homes, so you should know someone who is with us.

Or you can use sites like Quidco for a cashback reward too. Up to you which you prefer!

That’s not what Will said. On two previous occasions he said the tech team was working on a non-referral reward.

Quite. So which is it? I must say Bulb’s policy here seems a bit confused.
I don’t use social media which also makes asking around my friends not really a practical solution. .I agree entirely with an earlier poster who said " However, I feel this penalises people like me and rewards those who use false links to take advantage of this offer. As I don’t want to be dishonest in order to achieve the £50 credit, but also feel aggrieved to have to miss out."
I was really keen to try Bulb, but this and the difficulties I had logging back in to respond are starting to give me second thoughts.

@JamesD Do you have any friends/family that are on social media? You could get them to ask on your behalf–at least then the other half of the benefit will go to someone in your (extended) network rather than a random link-poster.

@JamesD @yyt The tech team are working on this, that is correct, it is not ready for us to release at the moment though so there may be a bit of a wait I’m afraid.