Non SMETS smart meter

I had a smart meter put in by British Gas in 2015, I don’t know if it’s SMETS 1 or not, and I am wondering if my smart meter if one that only makes contact with the company who put the meter in or it will give readings to bulb by the end of the year?

What’s the make and model numbers printed on the meters?

The make is Landis Gyr E470


I have the same meters. They are SMETS1.

Hi there,

Currently, for that meter you would need to submit manual readings through your Bulb Account. If you press the green A button in the top right of that meter, it should give you the reading. You’re looking for the figure that has KWH after it.

That didn’t answer the question. The last 11 words of the OP are the question.

Ok @Hooloovoo, my bad.

So for all SMETS1 meters our aim is to be able to read them by the end of the year. However, we have no set date for this.