Not a great start

I’ve just joined Bulb, the main reason being that I’m not tied into a lengthy contract. My first issue (other than not being able to select a User Name for this forum and being assigned this crappy one by the system) is that Bulb is already taking payments whilst my previous supplier is still taking theirs, despite my account with them being in credit when it ended. Bulb were very quick to start taking my payments, in fact the first one was on the first day of supply so it must have been applied for before supply was even started (nice), yet they say it might take 6 weeks for them to send my final meter readings to my old supplier who will continue to keep taking my direct debits in the meantime. I’ve therefore doubled my energy expense in the short term by signing up to Bulb. “Quick to take your money - slow to help you get it back”, not a very sustainable marketing strategy is it …? .

Hi David, I don’t work for Bulb so don’t take this as an official response from them, just a fellow Bulb member.

Bulb take their payments in advance so the first time you pay them will coincide with your final payment to your old provider, who charged you in arreas.

Once you’ve been a member for a while I’m sure you’ll appreciate just how good the Bulb customer service is.

hi @david152,

@matthew1325 is right, At Bulb, we take a fixed payment in advance for the month ahead. So the first payment is taken on the day you switch. At the end of the month, we send a statement summarising your usage based on meter readings, the cost of the energy you used, and the balance on the account. We do this as it allows us to be more effective when buying our energy, saving you and all our other members money.

We try to explain this during the switching process and in your Welcome Pack, but we understand that this is a slight change to what you’re used to and we’re working on explaining these things better.

Normally your old supplier is able to close down an account in less than 6 weeks. The 6 weeks is the energy industry time frame for confirming switch readings and so affects all suppliers (not just a switch to Bulb).

If you have a large amount of credit in your account, I’d recommend getting in contact with your old supplier to ask for some of it be refunded whilst you wait. If you ever have spare credit in your account with Bulb we’re happy to refund as long as we have an up to date meter reading from you :slight_smile: