Not able to send reading for gas prepayment

Hi we have non smart prepayment meters and although we have been With bulb for some time now, the details of our gas meter don’t show and we don’t get the option to submit any gas meter reading.

When I raised this on online chat I was assured that there was no need for me to submit any readings as when i topped up and put the card in the meter, it would apparently submit meter readings back and update on our website login so we could submit readings after that… I did question that and reminded them it is not a smart meter but they were definite this was still the case.

But that’s not happened so far. Was the previous customer service agent correct? Or is there a problem with our account? Thanks

Hi @SPEE :wave:

So yes, when you top-up your gas card at the shop, it sends some info over to us that includes the current reading on the meter. We have been receiving those most of the times you have topped up, so we do have plenty of gas meter readings to use when calculating your estimated annual usage etc.

If you are referring to the fact that your energy usage graph in your Bulb Account is not currently showing the usage for gas, that will be due to an error rather than a lack of info. The graphs are still in beta currently, and recently we have experienced some issues getting the gas usage info to show alongside the electricity. We’re in the process of getting that fixed, so keep an eye on that page and we’ll add that info for you as soon as we can.

-Luke :bulb:

Hi, it wasn’t so much that the usage graph didn’t work but that there was no option to submit any meter reading. My gas doesnt seem to show up anywhere except on the “my Tariff” page.

Hi @SPEE :wave:

As Luke mentioned above, when you top up we receive your readings through to our system but I understand if you still want the ability to submit them manually.

I’ve raised this will our prepay team and they aren’t sure why the ability to submit gas readings has disappeared but the electricity is still there. So I’ve raised it with the tech team instead, when I hear back from them I’ll let you know.

– Meg :bulb: