Not able to top up electricity on smart meter

I recently switched to bulb. My switch date was 12/04/2021. I have a dumb gas meter and smart electric meter. My account online won’t let me top up my electric meter. When I try to top up online it says we will let you know when you can top up. It can take a few days.

I did an online chat on Friday last week and as the person who answered my chat wasn’t able to help straight away they asked if they could email me. I was emailed and was asked when I press the B button on my meter, what does it show. Later on in the day I replied saying that when I press the B button it says boost press a for no and b for yes.

I haven’t got a reply. I then asked via if there is any update on when I can top up and received a reply saying I can now top up. I checked my account online and I’m still unable to top up. I replied saying I can’t. I still haven’t got a reply to any of the emails.

I just want to be able to top up. Please help

Hi @simone_williamson :wave:

It can take a few days for the switch to come through to be able to top up the meters, but it looks like you switched to us a week or two ago so you should be able to now. :thinking:

Can you try pressing A to see if it says VEND or PAYG mode? If that doesn’t work we can raise this with our Smart PAYG Team.

– H :bulb:

When I press the B button on the meter it says “Boost? A=no B=yes”

@simone_williamson Hmm you should have an A button on the meter- Can you try pressing that instead of B?

When I press the A button loads of stars appear on the screen, then the screen goes back to the default telling me how much kWh I have used

Hmmm okay @simone_williamson, I’ve contacted a colleague in the Smart Pay As You Go Team for some advice on what the next steps can be to resolve this. When I hear back from them I’ll send you an email!

Thank you very much holly