Not accepting my readings

Okay your not accepting my meter readings for what ever reason, your giving me estimates on my gas, electricity readings are fine, but at what point do you stop doing estimates and do an actual reading if you aren’t accepting my ones

Hi @leggy11 - could you drop us a message with some more account details so I can look into why we aren’t accepting your gas readings?

Please remove your personal details i.e. the statement, you are posting this information on a public forum which is seen by many of your fellow customers.

Jim at Bulb was meaning that you supply the information direct to Bulb not on this forum.

Surely Bulb has all my details?

No idea, perhaps they can’t identify you details from that associated with your post?

So who have I to message at bulb & how will they know about the discussions that I’ve been having on the forum?

I would assume you message Jim at Bulb.

If you click his name on his post above I think you will be able to message him direct with your information.

How do I drop you a private message so the other customers can’t see jim_at_Bulb

Hi @leggy11 - I’ve sent you a message now!