Not been receiving statements

Hi there,

I have just been checking my account and I have noticed that I have not received a statement since the start of February. My balance has only been increasing. Can someone please help explain why I am not receiving statements.

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Oliver Lenain

Hi @ollylenain and welcome to our Community :earth_asia:

I’m really sorry about this. I’m going to send you an email now so we can get this sorted.

I too would love to know why I don’t receive statements. The last downloadable statement I received (attached to my account) was in JULY 2019.

I also have not received a statement, I’ve been with you since March 2020.

Hi Noah, thank you for your response.

I haven’t received any emails yet.

Hi @ollylenain,

That is strange, I’m sorry about this. I will resend this now, please let me know if you don’t get it.

Also, @Vanessa_F and @elholland64 I will send you both emails too :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @Noah_at_Bulb. Received it and have sent a response :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Noah

I’m on dual supply and have smart meters. I notice the readings have been happening regularly each month as well as my prepayments, however I have not received monthly downloadable statements for usage since the last statement on 2 December 2019. I emailed to discuss this with you on 30 May 2020. I received an *email from Matthew on 5 June 2020 (7 days later) to say he would ring me on 8 June 2020 with no explanation as to why he set a forward reminder rather just ringing me without any further delay? I have taken manual readings and a photo just now & would appreciate learning, like others on this thread, why your system hasn’t been generating regular monthly bills for electricity and gas usage? Also please would you send me the missing statements (and update my online account), so that I can see where my account balance should be? I’m on a feed in tariff and wonder whether your system struggles when people like me are on smart meters and a feed in tariff?

Hi Mike,

I hope you are well,

No problem at all I have set myself a reminder to give you a call this coming Monday 8th June,

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Hi Matt /@bontfaen ,

I’m going to send you an email now so I can look into this and get it sorted.

To answer your question, there are lots of different reasons a statement can not be generated. In the vast of majority of cases, it is caused by missing or incorrect technical information that causes our system to flag the statement and therefore generate this statement. By stopping a statement, it gives time to our operations team to go through and check everything before it is sent out.

However, I can go through and check this myself and fix the issue. Furthermore, it is unlikely that this is to do with you feed it tariff as they are treated seperately.

I’m still waiting. I have been giving you meter readings and submitted photos of my readings. I still have not had a statement since I joined you on 18th March 2020.
If it’s not dealt with ASAP I will cancel my DD. I know you’d soon respond to NO PAYMENT.

I also have not had a statement since April 2019. I have made a formal complaint but no recent update. Now when I log on, I get the message that the account is about to be closed.

Hi @annafowles I’m really sorry we’ve not been able to bill you for this long, we recognise that this unacceptable.

The issue looks to be with how the dual MPANs are logged on our system and also the national metering database. I’ve messaged my colleague who raised the complaint to get an update on the progress on this issue. Your account is still open, I’ll seek to clarify why it’s been temporarily closed while we fix this

Hi Matthew,
Thanks for replying. I originally had dual MPANs along with two meters (1 for general 24 hrs/day, the other for night storage heaters only at night) These meters were changed to 1 at 24hr rate on 21 March 2019. One of the two MPANs should have been dropped. It hope this information helps.

Same here. No statements at all since joining in April, no invoices, just an increasing balance. This seems to be an endemic issue with Bulb given that so many people seem to be affected. It would be good for them to get it sorted. Please can someone get in touch with me too. Thanks, Laurence.

@wyrm Welcome to our Bulb community :slight_smile:

I’m sorry that you’ve not received monthly statements either. I’m going to drop you an email now.

We appreciate the feedback, I agree that we need to invest some time in the billing system errors that have been flagged on this thread.


I have just joined on your business tariffs but like everyone else, I have not received statements from you too. Would this be a continuous issue?

Hi @fileybaypharmacy and welcome to our Community :bulb:

I’ve found your account and I can see that you have been with us less than 1 month. We will send you first statement on your next payment date. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Noah_at_Bulb I also have not had a statement since March, my balance is accruing and your app is suggesting I reduce my DD / but based on what data?? !!

Please send me an email to resolve this as I have tried chat - for THREEE WEEKS and never anyone live just the chatbot which Isn’t being curated effectively so has no answer. Thank you

Hi @scott.hargrave

Welcome to the Bulb community!

Sorry for the delay on your statements, I’ve fixed the issue on our end now. You’ll receive your statements since March in an email within 24 hours, or you can login and see them now under ‘payments and statements’

Our suggested payment amount for the direct debit will adjust accordingly too :slightly_smiling_face: